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The best mortgage conditions

For many years Assurances A.Gendron et associés inc. and Multi-Prêts Hypothèques have been partners to offer you the best products in assurances and mortgages.

Multi-Prêts has been the leader in the mortgage broking industry for more than 25 years and negociates about 3 Billion dollars in loans for their clients each year.

Multi-Prêts will help the client to get the best mortgage conditions by giving access,at no cost, to a lot of products offered in partnership witn financials institutions wich some are exlusives to mortgage brokers. That is the reason why Multi-Prêts can obtain you the best rates on the market.

Multi-Prêts is not attached to any financial institution and can work with a large number of lenders. In fact Multi-Prêts offers the products of more than 20 institutions and gives their clients the possibility to choose the product and the rate that fit their needs.

We offer you a lot of advantages, here are some examples:

Muli-Prêts wants to meet the needs of their futurs clients and offers them the possibility to get a pre-autorised mortgage

By signing with Multi-Prêts,you will have the possibility to buy a property with 0$ cach down*. You will also have the possibility to transfer your actuel mortgage to a new lender at no cost. If you choose Multi-Prêts you will also have the possibility to refinance your property in order to pays your debts,
buy a new property,or simply to get somme cash flow.

Multi-Prêts can get you a rate that is guaranteed for 1 year,protecting you against any increasing rates*

Multi-Prêts offers a large number of products adapted specially for those who are self-employed. In fact ,chances are good that you won`t have to provide financial statement for your enterprise,which means less formalities to get your mortgage. You could get your mortgage by using your personal credit history instead of your business`.

Our commercial division helps you  get the appropriate financing for your business or any other commercial project. We take care of the financing and let you concentrate on the projets`s details* you can take advantage of our expertise and contacts for free.

Just contact your designated Multi-Prêts agent for assurances A.Gendron et associés:

MR. Hugues Carpentier
Mortgage broker for Multi-Prêts


*some conditions apply

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